GREENSPACE offers solutions to:

  • Support businesses to develop sustainability strategies
  • Integrate green with entire business and leadership
  • Help to achieve the highest certification rating possible for both New Construction and Existing Building
  • Enhance financial performance and manage risks without disrupting operational performance
  • Determine which rating system is right for your project

As a representative of Client, GREENSPACE will take responsibility of the whole integrated working process with Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) or Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC), including: registration, submitting the application to LEED Online or VGBC review team, clarifying reviewer’s comment, appealing final review decision and supporting the final procedures of Certification.

  • Determine profitability, strategy and feasibility of proposed projects.
  • Create action plan for projects, including details about implementation, document application and responsible team members.
  • Create an integrated team by communicating with all members to produce cohesive designs from the beginning of the pre-design phase till the end of the building’s life-cycle.
  • Achieve the highest LEED or LOTUS rating possible with the best possible performance.
  • Optimize your building performance by introducing you to the latest green design management practices, tools, and technologies.